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Molokai Tides

Daily Tides & Monthly Tide Charts

Hawaiian Island Tides

Understanding the ocean tide charts for Molokai, Hawaii, is a crucial aspect for both residents and visitors seeking to engage in various ocean-related activities. As the tides on this picturesque island are influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun, being well-informed of the tide schedules allows for a safer and more enjoyable experience. Diving enthusiasts, fishermen, and beach goers alike can optimize their time spent in the water by planning their activities around high and low tides. Moreover, familiarizing oneself with the tide charts is not only essential for water sports but also for shoreline excursions such as tide pool exploration and beach combing. Ultimately, knowing the ocean tide charts for Molokai enhances one’s appreciation for the island’s natural beauty while ensuring a safe and memorable experience in its pristine waters.

Need the current tides for a location on Molokai? We have the current tides for 4 locations (Kunakakai, Kamalo Harbor, Kolo Harbor and Pukoo Harbor) on the island of Molokai. Click on the Location name is see the daily tide display. If you just need to check the tides for today or any day  click on the date selector search link. Have a need to print out an entire month’s worth of tides for a location? Click on the month tides link.


Saturday, July 13, 2024

Sunrise at 5:54am - - Sunset at 7:13pm

Moonrise at 12:33pm - - Moonset at 12:00am

  • Time
  • Height
  • 3:20 am
  • 0.18
  • Low
  • 10:49 am
  • 1.53
  • High
  • 4:21 pm
  • 1.16
  • Low
  • 8:39 pm
  • 1.27
  • High

Tide Charts

Kamalo Harbor
Tide Charts

Kolo Harbor
Tide Charts

Pukoo Harbor
Tide Charts

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